A split second in time

William J Spirdione


Photo by William J Spirdione

I remember climbing up the short, steep hill. Thinking that this looks great for a couple of quick Polaroids. The children were all getting along and we had a little time before dark.

I climb a little ways down the hill. I lay in the snow just outside of the sleds path.

With the twin joys of sledding and childhood, they grab their sleds and toboggan and run to the top of the hill.

One by one they flew over the top of the hill.It was over in a second. I snapped a few pictures,

Placing the developing film under my arm to keep warm, I help gather up the gear and we walk home.

A minute or so later we are home. I pull the negative, revealing the positive, the black and white finished photos.

Decades later I’m in my shed looking at pieces of those Polaroids glued to the wall many years ago.

The kids are all grown with lives of their own. They are off sledding with friends and children of their own.

A few seconds

Of Family fun

The cold crisp air

The joyous screams of children

Time happily spent apart

From the tumult of life

Hearing the whoosh

Of sled on snow

Watching the snow spray

Like a comets tail

Landing in a pile

Limbs and laughter

Never will this moment

Be repeated



William J Spirdione

William J Spirdione is a poet who writes sonnets and more about nature and the humans within it.