Another well researched, fast paced entertaining, story, about a subject we wouldn't be here without. Must read writing, SA, as usual.

A sonnet for Mother’s Day

Photo of William J Spirdione, me, my mother, and sister, Christmas 1968

Remember you barefoot in the deep snow,
Hated the cold, moving to Florida.
My teenage mother, your first born, I know,
Always working one job or your other.

I was always sickly and stubborn,
Had problems with the hugging and kissing.
But loved to be with you, laugh.and have fun,
The mountains, the ocean, reminiscing.

Watching over me while I was reading,
Watching Flintstones or Gilligan’s Island.
Playing board games, good cooking, eating,
Playing outside, in nature and garden.

I know we both love each other, and will,
You made me who I was, who I am still.

Thank you…

A short story

Photo by William J Spirdione

“The ship is coming, the ship is coming” shouted Ellen over the noise of the gathering masses. John smiled the biggest smile ever. It was finally that day. “I can hardly even believe that we got married today” John yelled back. This happy twosome was one of the three couples that took part in the weddings earlier today. “What better day for holy matrimony than on the day of departure.”, Ellen spoke with just a hint of worry. At the end of the row of snack machines in the break room was an old electromechanical, company lawyer, and justice of…

William J Spirdione

I will not be told what to think. It can be explained to me.

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